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CombiCard is a Scrum planning poker app built on UWP using C# and Sqlite. It is designed for use on a mobile but works well on laptops as well.

User Guide:
CombiCard User Guide v1.0 (PDF 1.4Mb) - for app version

Available in the Microsoft AppStore:

CombiCard is a Planning Poker app, designed to be used during Planning Poker sessions.
Planning Poker is a way of estimating the relative size of a piece of work, via consensus. It is typically used during Agile (particularly Scum) but can be used as a practice in its own right.
Items are "sized" i.e. given a single overall value/score that represents their relative size to each other, in terms of:
  • likely effort
  • complexity
  • and possibly how well understood it is.

Planning Poker is usually used in conjunction with other agile practices but can be used in isolation.

Screen Shots (mobile)

Card selector

Style Editor - Colours

Screen Shots (desktop)

Card selector

Style Editor - Colours.png

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